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If you demand absolute clarity, and a totally flat viewing surface, it maybe worth looking at a more permanent option like the aforementioned Silver Ticket, or a model from Elite Screens. The frame itself is made of heavy-duty aluminum wrapped in black, so reflections won’t be an issue. Silver Ticket Products offers instructional videos for installation via its tension rod system, so it’s particularly easy for newcomers to understand how to set everything up. The best projector screen can make a significant difference to any home theater.

From inflatable versions to wall-mounted units, the best projectors are made in many different ways. As Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen , there is a lot to consider when shopping for the best projector screen—perhaps more than meets the eye. Image quality is important, but it’s possible to find a high-quality projector that won’t break the bank.

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Considering these factors will ensure you purchase the best projector screen that matches your needs. Silver – suggested for rooms that are not completely dark and contain different ambient light sources. This projector screen uses a motorized base and an IR remote to make your screen rise on a single press. You can retract the screen back into the base the same way to keep it from muddling your room’s décor when it is not in use.

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If it’s 120°, the image will start to blur and disintegrate as you move to the sides of the circle. The lower the number gets, the more you will need to be seated directly in front of the screen to get a clear picture. Viewing angle is a subject that can be filled with tons of jargon, if you delve into it, but all you need to know is that the wider the viewing angle, the better. And as we said in the previous section, high gain screens typically have slightly lower viewing angles, so do take that into account.

Color distorts, and light dims, and a certain point on the angle on the viewing axis. Movie theaters are designed to give everyone the same picture quality no matter where they are seated. You’ll find many screen types with large angles, including inflatable, portable, and retractable screens. The type of projector screen you want depends on your immediate needs. Projector screens tend to come in a variety of sizes, so make sure the size of the projection surface suits your space along with your projector’s throw distance. Though you might not realize it just by looking at pictures of them online, the color profile of all projector screens is not created alike.

If you’re looking for something to add excitement to your pool party, birthday, or outdoor gathering, both kids and adults will love the fun of this affordable outdoor screen. If you’re looking for a screen you can take camping or set up in the backyard, the Elite Screens Pop-up Cinema is the one for you. We love that it’s extremely lightweight and portable, easily fitting into the included carrying case. When it’s movie time, you can set up the screen in no time at all, thanks to the spring-framed system. Included stakes and support rods mean it’ll stay in place outdoors, even in wind. The Silver Ticket is a permanent mount, so it’s best for anyone looking for a screen that will remain in one place, such as in a basement or rec room.

Here is the chart for color saturation errors for the Epson projector. This measures the six primary and secondary colors at 10 brightness intervals to see how well it displays different shades of those colors. This gives us 62 data points, including black and white, to measure accuracy. Any measurements less than 3.0 are considered invisible to the naked eye, so if we stay below that it should look perfect. Viewing angles influence how wide you can sit from the center of the screen before the light noticeably drops off. With a gain of 1.0, the viewing angle can be close to 180 degrees, since it reflects everything more or less equally in all directions.

And since most movies and TV shows are mastered in 4K these days, you will be able to enjoy them in their native resolution. The projector screen is a perfect match for home, office, or outdoors. The screen is also perfect for presentations, movies, games, and more.